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Horizontal Carousel Module GSP200


1. Adapts to the limited indoor height, maximizing the use of different floor areas and shapes
2. Saves labor and achieves efficient and accurate sorting, enabling one person to work on 500 bins per hour
3. Improves operator and cargo safety
4. Fast return on assets, generally 12 months to recover the investment in equipment
5. Adapts to both small and medium-sized goods, and can also carry heavy goods storage
6. Adapted to a wide range of applications, can be attached to a variety of equipment to achieve different storage environment requirements





Rotation Length

5580 mm - 51620 mm

Number Of Bays

16 - 100


Bracket Width

622 / 825 / 960mm

Bracket Depth

460 / 560 / 610 mm

Bracket Height

1854 / 2184 / 2464mm

Load Capacity

Payload Per Bay

200 - 900 kg

Payload Per Compartment

90 kg

Performance Data

Spinning Speed

24 m/min


0.75 - 2.2 kW

Adjustable spacing


76.2 mm (other pitches are available upon request)


· Can be designed and installed in right angle, straight line, triangle, arc and other shapes

· Can be stacked into multiple layers, which can be operated by multiple operators at the same time.

· Bins and racks can be small and designed with a certain tilt angle, including rotation

· Shelves can be expanded as needed

· Highly reliable control system

· Good flexibility, can use more building interior form

· We provide different storage environments for different industries, such as dry, aseptic, fireproof, etc.


1.With complete rigorous management, production and inspection processes to control the quality and avoid detail mistake
2. Design and produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection, flaw detection etc., and double check is a must.
4. Advanced factory facility ensure
5. Response to any inquiry within 24 HRS with design or efficient solution from our engineer or tech supporter.
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. on time delivery, as we have rigorous production schedule and profession follow-up process
8. Moderate price and professional service


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