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Clip-on (Jiangsu) Technologies, Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company's R&D and production headquarters is located in Lianhu Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. It is 4.5 kilometers away from Danyang West Exit of Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway and 6.5 kilometers away from Danyang Station of Intercity High-speed Railway. The transportation is very convenient.


Widely used in mechanical and electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food and beverage, new energy, energy and power, mining and metallurgy, infrastructure construction, public health, wholesale and retail industries, etc.
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  • Professional Technical Team
    Bringing automated warehousing and stocking systems to our customers in a wide range of industries simultaneously.
  • High Social Responsibility
    We always focus on the environmental protection and energy saving of the whole manufacturing process.
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    Provide customized and highly reliable intelligent storage equipment and intralogistics solutions.
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    On-site service, online support, product training, parts support.
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Vertical Carousel Module Features & Advantages

Space-Modular structure & high-frequency access, automatic height measurement, reasonable storage arrangement, compact footprint to increase the storage capacity, saving 60% to 85% of the required floor space.Checking efficiency-Increase efficiency to 100%-200%, automatic space optimization of cargo s

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Social Responsibility

Our technical design team, adhering to the concept of providing high quality and reliable products to save social resources, always focus on the manufacturing process of environmental protection and energy saving, the use of green and efficient products, the recycling of product materials, easy to u

Choice for Numerous Industries and Companies

We not only bring you significant savings in storage space for all types of materials in an efficient, reliable and economical way, helping you to increase your productivity and accuracy, but also give you a competitive edge in the market with high reliability and optimized logistics models. Online


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