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Warehouse Management System - WMS

CLIP-ON warehouse management system is easy to operate, excellent processing function, for large volume, multi-species processing work, can quickly receive information, sensitive response, and issued to the material is located in the container of WCS. open standard API interface, with enterprise ERP / MES / OA and other systems seamlessly docking.

Warehouse Control System - WCS

CLIP-ON warehouse control system is installed on the cargo container industrial control all-in-one machine (human-machine interface), designed with simple interface, visualization dynamic real-time monitoring, and multiple rules for material storage can be selected (first-in-first-out, top light, bottom heavy, storage space idle time optimization). With stand-alone material management function. Support user's customized function development.


1.With complete rigorous management, production and inspection processes to control the quality and avoid detail mistake
2. Design and produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection, flaw detection etc., and double check is a must.
4. Advanced factory facility ensure
5. Response to any inquiry within 24 HRS with design or efficient solution from our engineer or tech supporter.
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. on time delivery, as we have rigorous production schedule and profession follow-up process
8. Moderate price and professional service


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